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Happy Tales Spa Resort Welcome, I am so glad you're here to learn how to gently and effectively take care of your perfect pet and the princess in yourself.

Hi, I am Ruth Tippets, proprietor and master instructor at Happy Tales Spa Print. I am the creator of Secrets of a Groomer's Diary Workshop and Why Weight Program for Women. 

I show heart based pet owners how to properly care for their dog. While building a better relationship with your dog, you can also save hundreds of dollars a year in grooming, training, & vet costs. Pet owners need to know what questions to ask and what to look for in their professional pet care providers.

One reason why I believe I can make a difference in the quality of life, for you and your pet is that I am just like you. I am first a pet owner. I live with my dogs. I get much joy and fulfillment from them.  They make me laugh!  I grew up in the family business and the largest kennel in Anaheim, CA. we did boarding, grooming, training and guard dogs services.  I am also a certified pet groomer, with over 40 years of experience in the industry.  I have combined that with studying and becoming a certified health coach for women dealing with stress and weight issues.

My biggest passion is to help women dog owners to find their healthiest & happiest life by creating fun and sustainable lifestyle habits.  We combine that with supporting healthy habits for their dogs. This proves to be a harmony that works in weight loss, fitness, healing, energy, and overall happiness in life for both the person and their pet.